Rossi and the Republicans send a campaign watcher to Gregoire’s events. That by itself isn’t all that interesting. Thought it is when you realize that Rossi and the Republicans prevent a Democratic campaign watcher from getting into Rossi event.

From the comments of the original video, which for some reason doesn’t have any sound:

I don’t get it. Why was someone from the Democratic Party wanting to get in to a Rossi event with a video camera? I’m not sure I would have allowed you guys in either! Seems a bit suspicious to me.

And, in response:

It’s because Washington state Democrats, much like their counterparts all over this country, are hypocritical frauds. Do you think for one second that they would allow a Republican into a Gregoire event with a video camera? Of course not. Like their presidential candidate, they are complete phonies.

Well, rather, of course they would. Look at the first video again.