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Lakewood is lucky to have Neary

Good lord.

I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t that Walter Neary was typing and blogging that first ticked off the public commenters at a Lakewood City Council meeting last month, it was that he disagreed with them at the time that the city could do anything at all about the Clover Park School District. The city and school district being seperate governments and all.

But, they complained that he was blogging when he should have been paying attention to what they were saying so they got pissed.

Most telling for me is that on his original post there are only two comments.

Look Lakewood, you’re lucky to have a city-councilman that takes this so seriously that he blogs about it. First, learn some basic civics. Second, blog back at Neary.

That he was blogging what you were talking about tells me that he was actually taking you very seriously, he found what you were saying interesting and that he thought other people should hear about it.

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  1. Unknown

    Well, thank you kindly. Your comments are right on. I do think seeing someone at a computer is novel for some folks, so I do plan to cut it out during meetings. But I won’t stop listening or sharing information!

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