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I think beautiful views are killing Puget Sound [Wall off the waterfront]

Puget Sound is dying because it is too beautiful. The central issue with Puget Sound isn’t actually finding a way to fix what’s wrong. We know what’s wrong and how to fix it, its convincing people that there’s even a problem.

Most folks look at Puget Sound and see beauty, so how could there be a problem?

This is directly tied to my recent thoughts on building higher than average buildings close to the water in downtown Oly.

We have to stop thinking of the beauty of this place as an ecological function. Puget Sound can be both beautiful and dying at the same time. Why are we so worried about building bigger buildings (that would actually decrease stormwater run-off because they’d be built to modern standards) on already urban lots?

Not building them where urban growth already is would push growth further out, in rural and undeveloped areas.

So, we don’t build them because the view of Puget Sound is pretty? I think we should build them especially if they block the view so we can remind ourselves that Olympia is already big piece of concrete, and that concrete on dirt is not pretty.

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