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I hope that used to be our man Jorge… shows the Ms why they were wrong

I used to so be into Jorge Campillo, it was a little obsession of mine. He was a great Mexican junkballer, that the Mariners for some reason kept in the minors. And there’s nothing cooler in baseball than a junkballer. Even a stupid knuckleballer, though people can’t seem to stop writing about them. Just my thing, I guess.

But, since he was an Atlanta pitcher, not a Mariners minor leaguer, I gave up the obsession.

But, now he’s a pretty good Atlanta pitcher, going 2-1 over 54 innings so far with a 2.14 ERA. He’s going to face down our 100 pitch a night millionaire pitcher Bedard, who is 4-4 with a plus 4 ERA.

I’m not hoping Jorge wins, I’m hoping he leaves the game ahead. I never hope the Mariners lose, but I hope they get a chance to see Jorge pitch well and to realize what they lost.

For old time sakes, here’s all my old Jorge Campillo posts.

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  1. Jim Anderson

    Yeah… well… sorry.

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