This is stupid.

A while back when TVW was changing over their site to include new sorts of media files, including flash, I figured out a way to embed TVW content. Sweet, now folks can share and push along what TVW produces, exactly as TVW intended it to be used.

Since then, TVW has blocked easy access to their flash files online, making embedding pretty freaking hard, if not impossible. I haven’t been able to find a way, and I probably won’t.

Why this is bad for citizens and TVW:

Ok, fine, you don’t want people like David Goldstein who aren’t employed by a media outlet to be using your files and changing them. But, why cut off people from easily pushing your content?

What TVW does (in the large sense) is only as good as how many people are using it. If I can’t use TVW’s content in a very limited fashion like embedding (not editing mind you), then the millions that TVW pours into its work is useless to me. And, I’m a person who is really interested in what TVW has to produce.

And, for christsakes guys, can you get a podcast to work? I’ve been subscribed to Inside Olympia through Itunes for over a year and it hasn’t downloaded a single episode.