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Larry Seaquist endorses both Democratic candidates in the 35th LD?

Well, it seems to make sense when I typed out the headline, but it seemed weird last night when a fellow from Tumwater emailed me the apparent weirdness.

Both Daryl Daugs and Fred Finn, who are running against each other for the same state house seat in the 35th LD, are claiming an endorsement from sitting legislator Larry Seaquist from the neighboring 26th LD.

Did someone fudge an endorsement or is Larry just not picking sides by saying both fellows are good by him?

See comments.

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  1. Larry Seaquist

    The explanation is very simple: both are Democrats, each is an excellent candidate who would make a fine legislator. I support Democrats — it is up to the voters in the 35th District to choose which one they prefer. So I’ve endorsed them both and will continue to support the one that comes through the primary.
    Larry Seaquist

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