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They kicked the PCOs out of the nominating convention/caucus?


I don’t know the results, as they kicked us out, and although people said that they were told they were going to take them back to count them, they did in fact get two supporters from each side to help tally the vote. After the tally started, Dwight told the PCOs to leave (I’ve got more video I’m processing) so the tally committee could count the votes. I wish I could have stayed, but now I’m also frantically searching for some indication of the results. . .

I assumed Cosmo or someone else who attended the nominating convention in Napavine would have reported the result by now, but who the hell knows.

If they’re going to kick PCOs out of the caucus before they announce the “nominee” what is the point of having these votes in the first place?

So, who knows if Brian Baird is the nominee of the party? Cheryl might have actually pulled it off.

Works in Progress not cluetrain

Explaining why they late a lame story hit the press:

WIP doesn’t publish material to its website throughout the month — although sometimes we do correct mistakes that went out in the print issue. Typically, the website reflects what we run in print that month. Other people may have an interest in making WIP more of an online publication, but personally, I think it would probably turn into a situation where the staff spent all their free time fending off attacks from the SondraK’s of the world. Not my cup of tea.

That people disagree with other people is… well obvious.

Also obvious is that just putting up stories more than once a month to reflect what is in the print edition, doesn’t mean you have to accept comments. You just have to post every time you have something new.

But, even if you did accept comments, you could have a standard of behavior to keep away the trolls. In the end, the people that disagreed with you would just be the ones that did it nicely.

Would that be ok?

I’m just thinking that its good to break down walls and have conversations. Maybe the folks that read WIP need to talk to the folks over at SonkraK. Both are just about as close as you can get to the chorus singing to the chorus in Olympia, and that doesn’t exactly encourage critical thinking.

Yeah! Ken Balsley’s on the internet!


Ken is awesome, and not because I agree with him. Actually, he’s about as opposite as I get. But, in addition to his KGY commentaries (which I never hear anymore because I’m never in the car when they’re on), he’s doing a blog.

Great stuff like this:

To really understand the answer to that question we have to go back to World War II and the Olympia Airport. During WW2 army military pilots used to train at the Olympia Airport and flew scouting missions out over the Pacific looking for Japanese sumarines and planes.

Across the street from the Olympia Airport sat the Airport Inn, a typical Northwest tavern. It was here that pilots, when off duty, would hang out and it was at the Airport Inn where local boys also found time to lift a beer or two.

One evening the two groups met, exchanged words (no one is certain over what but is was suggested a girl was involved) and a fight broke out. Nearly two dozen people were involved.

After investigating the incident, the military commander at Ft. Lewis put Thurston County off-limits. And it remained off limits for decades.

Soliders arriving at Ft. Lewis were told to look in Pierce County for housing and to stay away from Thurston County. And they did. For all of the 1950’s and most of the 1960’s it was rare, extremely rare, to see military uniforms anywhere in Thurston County.

And stupid stuff like this:

Why do we need to allow “Tent Cities” in Lacey anyway? There seem to be plenty of churches and organizations in Tumwater and Olympia which want to provide this service. I don’t think it’s necessary that Lacey join the fray. It also seems to me that the recent Lacey City Council’s 4-3 vote on requiring churches to keep homeless populations inside was just an excuse for banning homeless encampments. A good one, if you ask me.

(Answer: because freedom of religion is for everyone, everywhere).

But, he’s blogging, so: Freakin’ Yeah!

Did Jon Halvorson scrub Judy Wilson from his website?

Before Judy Wilson decided she was going to run for Thurston County Commission again Jon Halvorson had her endorsement listed proudly on his website. Makes sense, right? Former Republican county commissioner, she brings both experience and cross-party cred to his endorsment list.

One of Halvorson’s selling points is that he’s endorsed by a lot of county level pols, including at one point (more later) Judy Wilson, a former county commissioner. The question was, now that Judy is running, would he endorse her back, pitting himself against sitting Democratic commissioner Cathy Wolfe?

Looks like that problem has cleaned itself up as Halvorson has scrubbed Wilson from his website.

Check out his new endorsement list here and check out the old list, archived here and screen shot below:

Cheryl Crist making a run at Rep. Brian Baird at 3rd CD nominating convention

Can you imagine a world where a sitting six term Congressman doesn’t get the nomination of his party without shooting someone? Rep. Brian Baird could lose his party’s official nod if he doesn’t turn out the troops to Napavine High School on Saturday, May 17.

His opponent, peace candidate Cheryl Crist wrote letters to the Precinct Committee Officers (I’ll scan the letter I got tomorrow) in the 3rd CD asking for their support during the upcoming nominating convention. The letters came a day before the state party’s official notification

These nominating conventions are a new addition to the state’s political scene and are part of the state party’s reaction to a legal battle over the state primary election system. They don’t like being told who is going to end up on the general election ballot, so are holding conventions to express the will of the party.

The problem (or from Crist’s point of view, the benefit) of the nominating conventions is that they express the will of a handful of PCOs, not the Democratic voting public in general. I expect Crist to get a good portion of the vote next Saturday, if not win the nomination all-together.

Recently, Baird has had a good track record of turning large anti-war crowds that are against his decision to support the Surge:

If the PCOs that can turnout to a rural high school on short notice are still anti-Baird, its likely that he won’t get the official party nod this time around.

What’s with the quote marks comrade?

I was going to post this on Olyblog, but Sarah beat me to it.

Skelly over at the local public defender blog points to the apparent disrespect in the anarchist-activist-rock-thrower community to public defenders:

danny might be able to get a ‘public defender’, but there will still be major costs associated with the trial…

If he qualifies for the p.d., what major costs would those be? And what’s with the quotation marks, ‘comrades’?

Well, as ramblini points out over at OB, Anarchists and Socialists (statists) don’t really like each other. I guess as public defenders are an extension of the state, an anarchist wouldn’t really like them.

Orting News in the Seattle Times

Jerry Large:

The Orting News had attracted more than 14,000 subscribers by its third week. Subscribers get an e-mail of its headlines, which reminds them to look at the site and the ads it carries. Subscribers don’t pay, but advertisers do.

The biggest story so far was an attempted abduction. Two strangers offered a fourth-grader candy to get into their car, but she didn’t do it.

Without the News, Carr says, the local school would have had no way to get word to the community quickly.

The problem with Large’s analysis of the Orting News is that it “isn’t journalism” and that a similar model, built on trust between neighbors, wouldn’t work in a big city setting.

Isn’t journalism? Apparently, only a group of poorly paid professionals can do journalism. If citizens try to ask the same questions that journalists would ask, they aren’t journalists, but journalers. Large should worry less about professionalism and more about being earnest. Unpros can do journalism, its just harder to conceive that they would.

Also, a set-up like the Orting News would very much work in a big city setting, it would need to be boiled down to a neighborhood level. And, the email back type accountability at the Orting News would actually help build the small town type connections that the Orting News is thriving on.

Living and writing on the east coast? Don’t bother with salmon

Gene Mueller in the Washington Times:

All this began when the National Marine Fishery Service (NMFS) agreed chinook salmon off the California and Oregon coast were available only in small fractions of their former number. A population crash was occurring, and the NMFS closed the commercial and recreational fishing for chinooks. Then the Pacific Fishery Management Council, realizing something similar had happened to king salmon, recommended the same for the famous pink fish.

(emphasis mine)

If you’re wondering what I’m trying to point out, chinook and king are the same fish.

“You would think moonies would know their salmon,” said a co-worker.

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