A little rant related to the informational post below.

How long am I supposed to believe the grass-roots b.s. that we Democrats spew every so often to defend the archaic structure of our party?

Last year when I was arguing to allow for membership in our local party organization, more than one PCO argued that the position of Prescinct Committee Officer was sacrosanct because it was an “elected” position.

Well, bull-shit. PCOs elections may be in fact democratic, but in practice their little advertised and hardly anyone ever contests them.

There is absolutely no mention of the pending PCO deadline on the Washington Dems website. There’s a button to become a “neighborhood leader,” but nothing to do with actually becoming a legal boardmember in the state Democrats.

Why is this? I would assume because while PCOs and people elected by the PCOs would love to believe that the state party and our local organizations are the expressed will of the Democratic voter.

But because so few people actually participate in these elections, and so people encourage others to run for PCO, that there is very little turnover in PCOs.

It also probably doesn’t help that PCO elections are held right in the middle of the partisan election season, when the really active people feel like they have better things to do.

And, yes, I’m plunking down by $1 next week at the county auditor’s office to run again. I’m running because PCOs have legal powers not given to common party members. And, if I want to change this thing, I think I can best do it from the inside.

Plus, I hope someone runs against me. I’m in Oly 48, so if you live in that precinct, file and we can doorbell together and argue who would make the best PCO.