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Only one person from the 2nd LD has endorsed Chuck Collins

Chuck Collins may get away with the “I’m not a carpet-bagger” line long enough to make it through the primary, but I don’t think he’ll be a very strong candidate in the general.

For example, his endorsement list (pretty short as it is) only includes one person who lives inside the 2nd LD. Mayor Pro-Tem of Mill Creek?

If you look up his endorsement list on the state voter database (I don’t like the source either, but the data is accurate), only one ends up actually living in the 2nd LD.

Now, I’m all for recruiting strong candidates. And, I’m not totally against people moving with the eye of running for office some day down the road.

But, come on. Chuck is moving to Yelm simply to run for office.

Its interesting to note that LD 2 already has a couple of Democratic candidates for that same position. One of whom criticized the state party apparatus for not sending resources down south:

District 2 is known as the “abandoned child” of the State, and it is about time someone has the courage to say so, and declare, “We deserve considerably more attention, respect, and funding!”

If the current popular consensus is that District 2, a rural district, is not that important, I would say, “Where do you think the food you are going to eat for your dinner came from? I will tell you, ‘It came from a farm or a ranch!’”

I am committed to success for District 2, and hold a strong focus for the creation of jobs, protecting the environment, pursuing alternative energy resources, encouraging economic vitality for our farmers, supporting our educators and schools, and requiring accountability for our taxpayers’ dollars.


  1. Anonymous


    I did not move to the District “simply to run for office”. Your assumption is incorrect. I am proud to be a citizen of the 2nd District, and would live here regardless of my intention to run for State Representative.

    My mother is the Mayor Pro-Tem of Mill Creek, and I am happy to have her endorsement.

    Neither myself nor my campaign team has the time and effort to maintain the website’s growing endorsement list. Because I do not want erroneous assumptions being made on that account, I have removed the list for the time being.

    If you have any questions or would like specific information about me or my campaign, please feel free to contact me directly via email: chuck@chuckcollins2008.org, or via my website at http://www.chuckcollins2008.org.
    Thank you,
    Chuck Collins

  2. Emmett


    Thanks for getting back to me.

    So, what’s the harm in living in Yelm for more than a month or so before filing for office?

    If you didn’t move to Yelm to simply run, then what’s the harm in waiting?

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