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Cheryl Crist making a run at Rep. Brian Baird at 3rd CD nominating convention

Can you imagine a world where a sitting six term Congressman doesn’t get the nomination of his party without shooting someone? Rep. Brian Baird could lose his party’s official nod if he doesn’t turn out the troops to Napavine High School on Saturday, May 17.

His opponent, peace candidate Cheryl Crist wrote letters to the Precinct Committee Officers (I’ll scan the letter I got tomorrow) in the 3rd CD asking for their support during the upcoming nominating convention. The letters came a day before the state party’s official notification

These nominating conventions are a new addition to the state’s political scene and are part of the state party’s reaction to a legal battle over the state primary election system. They don’t like being told who is going to end up on the general election ballot, so are holding conventions to express the will of the party.

The problem (or from Crist’s point of view, the benefit) of the nominating conventions is that they express the will of a handful of PCOs, not the Democratic voting public in general. I expect Crist to get a good portion of the vote next Saturday, if not win the nomination all-together.

Recently, Baird has had a good track record of turning large anti-war crowds that are against his decision to support the Surge:

If the PCOs that can turnout to a rural high school on short notice are still anti-Baird, its likely that he won’t get the official party nod this time around.

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  1. Anonymous

    PCO meetings around the district. Whatever Brian’s reason I was nice to see him in a very small gathering.
    As to Ms. Christ. She suffers from the Oly Effect, the liberal bias that took down Jolene Unsolde and that challenges any 3rd District Representative to be more liberal than the balance of the district.
    But despite all Oly’s grassroots anit-war blustering, (and by extension Ms. Christ’s Quixotic campaign) will not make Brian pay for his position because are unwilling and hence incapable of playing political hardball.
    For the record, I grudgingly support Brian’s Iraq policy. Laurian, Dem PCO Oly204

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