Sandra Romero was nominated earlier tonight by a vote of 77 to 63. Its a sham and a shame, but its something we do now.

I got there late, but here are my notes from tonight. I’ll hopefully get some time tomorrow to distill my thoughts down. Ignore the typos please:

Turns out I wasn’t too late, walked in about 7:30 and John Cusick was still getting through the “why exactly we’re doing this again?”

Guy Hoyle Dobson made a valient effort. Weird, I usually disagree with anything Guy has to say, but he made the point of the weird difference between a nomination and an endorsment.

Another lady named Virginia, a PCO, made the point that the state party shouldn’t be telling us what to do. We made a resolution from the floor that we wouldn’t endorse before the primary during the convention and now it looks like we’re going the other way.

Commissioner district 1, Cathy Wolfe nominated by acclimation. I tried to vote no, but it went quicker than I expected.

A few minutes of clearing up everyone in District 2 had the right colored cards. That’s how we do credentials in Thurston County, you lift up a different colored card depending on whether you’re a PCO, member (and for tonight) where you live. Second district PCOs have blue cards, District 1, pink and PCOs, smaller green cards. So, to keep that straight, I have a pink and green card. The people seeing the real action tonight have blue (district 2) and green (PCOs).

One of the things we didn’t really talk about tonight is that someone else could have (theoretically speaking) stood up and stolen the nomination from Cathy, Sandra and John.

John Halvorson talks first. “Who’s ready to vote Democrat!?!?” Yeaaaah says everyone. Then he goes into a pretty basic schpeal:

He’s experienced, he’s been elected before, he’s lived here a long time. Almost every county official in this courthouse has endorsed me.

Sandra and I like each other today, we’ll like each other tomorrow and tomorrow we’ll still be Democrats.

Romero speaks second.

Legislative experience, working in the joint Transportation committee. We need more than roads, we need alternatives.

We need to make sure we don’t become everywhere else USA. This is why I support Sandra, she worked so hard with the livable Thurston Campaign. She isn’t just running on experience or who she knows, but rather what exactly she’s going to do.

Circle name and sign on the back. Not a secret ballot.

Ironically, Fred Finn got the real endorsement/nomination whatever of the Thurston County Democrats by getting campaign services.

Sandra wins the nomination. What was the vote?

I want to thank both candidates for putting up with this rushed and unanticipated thing we had to do tonight.

We voted not to report the vote.