After an out of town owner closed down Orting’s newspaper, the community came back with their own. Orting News is a new hyperlocal news website that is filling the space left open when the Orting Gazette folded.

In addition to just being a news website, it does the right thing by letting Orting community-members produce their own news. One of those community-members is a former Gazette editor:

Longtime Editor of The Gazette, Dannie Oliveaux will be contributing articles to Orting News, with a special emphasis on Orting High School Sports.

“We asked for Community assistance on Orting News and one of the first calls we received was from Dannie.” said Rich Carr. “With everything he provided at The Gazette, his contacts with the kids and with the coaches, and his knowledge of players, schedules and what it means to the community, he raised his hand almost immediately!”