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If I lived in Orting

Orting is losing its dead tree blog:

Today, the last edition of the 7,500-circulation tabloid will roll out. And while there have been whispers of hope that a new owner might come along, no one has stepped forward.

“We were hoping for a miracle,” said Dannie Oliveaux, the newspaper’s sole staff reporter and editor for the past two years said last week. “I’ll clear out my stuff … unless somebody buys the paper at the last minute or something.”

The real reason behind the closure is the flattening of Orting’s local economy. Local stores are closing, so there are fewer local advertisers to prop up the local paper. But, that’s doesn’t mean that Orting should go without a local news source.

Orting, get thee a hyperlocal blog.

Real Dupont and, of course, Olyblog are great examples. There are some Tacoma ones too.

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  1. Anonymous

    Orting got thy hyperlocal site & blog. Huge acceptance locally of http://www.ortingnews.com

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