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Culled from the herd (Or, how I learned to love descending from the pillar of power in Thurston County)

I’m no longer a member of the Thurston County Democrats executive committee. Just as campaign season is heating up, I step back because of family commitments. I’m not looking for a slap on the back as I head to the political showers, but I did have a couple of thoughts.

Just for the folks who use me as a conduit to the insiders: I’ll be less knowledgeable for now. I’m sure you’ll find a way to deal.

I don’t like campaign season all that much. Our new 1st vice chair recently said “this is the reason we exist, to elect Democrats.” I don’t criticize her for saying this, as 1st vice, she is the supreme political operator in our operation. But, my reason for existing is to try to pull our little organization away from thinking that way.

Our reason to exist should be to give people a way to engage in the political and civic life of Thurston County. If that ends up electing Democrats, so much the better.

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  1. seajane

    I had heard you left — I found it consuming myself primarily because there are so few volunteers to rely on but a wealth of folks who insisted that things needed to be done they way they did them years ago. I appreciated your efforts and ideas. Hope you still stay active (maybe after the silly campaign season?)

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