That, I am. Slog links to me here and comments ensue.

Maybe my point wasn’t really that clear, but it isn’t about people saying “Oly” or “Olympia,” but rather the term “Oly” eventually meaning “Washington state government.”

The first comment:

I am from Oly and people like you this person are why I left.

This is where I started to think I was Oly-er than though.

At least one got the language thing:

Metonymy is not going away because you say so. Crown for royalty? Washington for the federal gov’t? You’ve got a big crusade on your hands.

Also, someone who thinks about the language thing way to hard:

See, all I’m thinking about is if he’s used the concept of “metonymy” correctly. “Oly” is an abbreviation, and it’s stretching it a bit to consider an abbreviation to be a piece of something that represents the whole. Or is what he’s saying that “Olympia,” which is connected strictly to the the state government, represents only a piece of “Oly,” which is the complete place, so “Olympia” is the metonymy? Hm.

Also, I wonder if he gets mad about people using “Washington” to refer to “Washington, DC,” which in turns refers to the federal government in Washington, DC. I’ll be looking for his next post on that pressing matter.

Overall good talk.

The thing that really makes me sad is that after calling my first post “awesome,” Josh Feit is still saying Oly. All for naught, but at least I’m still smug about it.