In trying to show that he knows what the hell he’s talking about, Mark Gardner unwittingly uncovers the real story of Goldy being canned by KIRO:

…if he wants to stick with radio, he’ll find another job. It may be in another market. I’ll say it again: Eugene would be a perfect fit. Get some experience, temper the act, learn more about fairness. You can take strong positions, but you must be fair.

Actually, Eugene would be a shitty place for Goldy to find a new job in radio. Want to know why? Same reason he can’t find work in Seattle. Locally-owned radio stations are old hat and chained owned stations don’t hire local talkers.

The two stations in Eugene that have some similarity to KIRO, KUGN 590 and KPNW 1120, have exactly two locally-produced shows between them. That Eugene’s talk local radio scene is exactly two morning shows doesn’t exactly paint a pretty picture for Goldy someday landing a gig down there.

Of course, Mark wasn’t talking about the actual Eugene that exists in today’s media market reality, but rather the fantasy Eugene radio market that would exist with local ownership who cared about the communities they served.

Anyone remember the FCC hearings in Seattle a little while back? Back then, Goldy said this:

Meanwhile, over 251 audience members have already signed up for a two minute speaking slot — if everybody gets their turn we’ll be here for another eight hours! And of the dozens of concerned citizens who have already spoken, only one has argued in support of loosening ownership rules… my colleague and KTTH morning host, David Boze. (Talk about a brown nose. I sure hope that’s not what it takes to get ahead in today’s corporate-owned media, because if it is, I’m screwed.)

It wasn’t his stand on the FCC rules that got him fired, but if the rules had been different, he wouldn’t have been fired. Make sense?

Anyway, I wonder if this means a return of Podcasting Liberally. To be honest, I listened to that a lot more than I listened to his show on KIRO.

And, to make a suggestion like what Mark made above (but hopefully better informed): If Goldy likes to hear the sound of his own voice, then maybe get together with the barons of online media in Seattle, and do some sort of non-Podcasting Liberally podcast thing.