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Hey kids (17 year olds), don’t forget to caucus in Washington State on February 9

Just a reminder to all the folks out there googling for the caucuses in Washington State on February 9th, if you are 17 years old now but will be 18 by November 4, you can participate in the Democratic precinct caucuses:

Who can participate in their caucus? All registered voters and those who will be 18 at the time of the presidential election can vote at their caucus. You can register to vote at the caucus location and vote in the caucus. Others who are not registered can participate but can not vote.

Speaking of 17 year olds and the democratic process, there is an interesting bill in the legislature that will allow anyone to vote in a primary election if they’re going to be 18 by the time they next general rolls around.


  1. Anonymous

    So this quote also says “Others who are not registered can participate but can not vote” – does this mean that people who CANNOT register to vote: oh let’s just say felons, non-citizen residents, etc, – does that mean those people can show up and “participate” ie – talk and listen, but just not vote?

    I’d like to go, but officially I can’t vote.

  2. Emmett

    Yes, at least in my humble opinion, those who aren’t registered because they can’t register can still participate, but not vote.

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