Jim, this one goes out to you and all the debate nerds in the room.

I was already inspired to follow up this post when I read DonWard’s post from this morning:

Who’s conservative in Olympia?

But, then Andrew posts this:

Olympia’s Democrats have lost their way

When I read Don’s headline, I thought the was talking about our discussion over at Olyblog parsing the difference between the really liberal neighborhoods in Olympia and the neighborhoods that only vote Democratic 70 percent of the time (you know, the conservative ones).

But, no Don was talking about conservatives in the state legislature. Conservatives who don’t come from Olympia, but rather to it.

And, of course Andrew wasn’t talking about certain Thurston County living Democrats going off the beaten path, but rather legislators:

Olympia failed the people of Washington State.

You can’t imagine the emotional spasms I experience when I read sentences like that. I know it sounds juvenile when I say it, but Olympia didn’t fail anyone!

Olympia was sitting there innocently drinking coffee while a bunch of folks from out of town came by (except three or maybe four) and passed a couple of laws.

They’re using Olympia as a metonymy for the broader statewide political landscape, but specifically the state legislature. As I learned a few days ago, from the above mentioned nerd-king, metonymy is “is the use of a word for a concept with which the original concept behind this word is associated.”

Like “press,” which is literally a way to print something, also means the news media, Olympia has become a lazy-ass crutch for people when they could be saying something else.

No one else cares, but I’ll care.

Repeat after me:

The state legislature is not Olympia.

The state government is not Olympia.