Reading this:

Even so, Keister isn’t so sure that the issues today — as good as they remain — could prop up the show once famous for its parodies of local politics, neighborhood stereotypes, Seattle quirkiness and anything regarding Renton or Kent.

The city has lost its oddball manner and its regional distinction, he said, in ways that have muted much of “Live’s” local flavor. Former “Live” cast member Nancy Guppy agreed.

“I don’t know if it could exist now,” she said.

Everything is becoming more homogeneous, with condos stacked on Subways, luxury markets, Pottery Barns. Said Guppy: “I’m not sure who cares about the local thing — the Seattle thing.”

Makes me think of this, this and this.

Ok, taking into their reflections that “Seattle has changed, but we’re totally cool about that,” is more about “We didn’t change dude, you changed,” there is no reason there isn’t an “Almost Live on the internet.”