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No MLS Cup on KOMO

We buy 3,000 season tickets since Tuesday, but no MLS Cup on KOMO this Sunday:

Kaylor, Doreen
to Emmett O’Connell
date Nov 15, 2007 4:54 PM
subject RE: MLS Cup this Sunday?

KOMO will not be airing the MLS Cup on Sunday. The FCC regulations on Children’s programming are extremely strict. Part of the requirements for retaining a broadcast license is that stations must air a specific amount of children’s programming each week during a specific window of time. ABC booked so many hours of sports programming this weekend that it was necessary for us to pre-empt some of the sports programming and air FCC children’s programming.

Unfortunately ESPN was not able to find another home in the Seattle market to air the soccer match – either on cable or broadcast television.

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  1. Anonymous

    Which would make sense except for one thing… when I tuned in on Sunday morning to watch the MLS Cup on KOMO and found a note on the bottom of the screen saying that the game would instead be shown on ESPN2 (which I don’t get), the show that replaced it was… wait for it… “This Week with George Stephanopoulos”.

    Is that what the kids are watching these days?

    In any case, KOMO-ESPN lost a number of eyeballs for their ads by making that switch, not to mention causing some serious annoyance. Sure it’s not the World Cup, but what a strange last-minute switch. I turned off the TV and checked the MLS website, which still said the game would be broadcast on ABC. Hope others wrote to them about it, as did I.

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