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Evergreen students arrested in Olympia port protests

Just curious, so from this list in the Olympian, I came up with this list from google:

Shyam Khanna

Evan A. Rohar
Gabrielle K. Sloane
James Steele
Luke E. Noble
Amanda N. Askea
Amory Ballantine
Holly A. Carter
Kimberly Chaplin
Jaime M. Crawford
Michelle Fleming
Daisy J. Montague
Emily A. Pieper
Katherine M. Waldeck
Shizuno M. Wynkoop

So, of the 57 people arrested (one person was nabbed twice), just over a quarter are Evergreen students. In terms of what this tells you, it depends on how you see Evergreen. Some folks are already assuming that the protests are a phenomena brought on by Evergreen, that if that school weren’t here, there would have been no protests.

That’s hard to say, given the protests in Tacoma and Aberdeen to similar shipments. While both of those communities have satellite Evergreen campuses, I doubt that’s what really got people riled up.

For me, this dispells the myth that this was a bunch of Evergreen students making trouble. The protests would have happened on their own, without Evergreen (like in Tacoma and Aberdeen). But, you can hardly expect college students attending what everyone knows is a very liberal school from standing on the sidelines for this one.

So, while even one person from the peace community saying (via email):

And, although for many of us tomorrow is a holiday from work, that is not the case for Evergreen students, who have to go to school. Evergreen students have been the primary presence at the port.

…we can know that it’s not exactly true. Sure, a lot of students came down, but a lot more non-students were there.


  1. rightthisminute

    Hello, my name is Emily PIeper and I am one of those Evergreen students arrested at the port in the Women’s Blockade on Tuesday. I would also like to point out that I am a community member and have lived in Olympia all my life. While I am a student, Olympia is also my home… which is why I feel that the demilitarization of this port is so vitally important.

  2. Emmett

    Which was sort of my point. I’m an Evergreen Grad, I grew up in Olympia and want to call Olympia my home for the rest of my life.

    I just wanted to be clear about what kind of student participation there was, and again, I’m surprised there was so little. Its obvious the protests would have happened even without student participation.

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