He thinks that it was his doing the governor is traveling the state, talking to citizens:

Why is she doing it? I’ll tell you why, because I am partly responsible for her determination to start running for re-election more than a year and a half early. But I am demanding that she and her Democratic Party cohorts stop charging her political tour to the taxpayers and start paying for it out of her private political funds.

It’s quite obvious how the whole thing started. More than a year ago, I began looking for a sponsor for my Idea Bank plan. I have written one book of new ideas in all fields and have thousands more new ideas to offer. Instead of putting the rest of the ideas into more books, I decided to seek a sponsor for the Idea Bank.

Oooooh, so since Gov. Gregoire was actually traveling the state before then, doing the exact same thing she’s doing now… then the Idea Bank is actually her idea! Sweet.

The only reason anyone is paying attention to the tour at all this year is because people from the Republican side of things are complaining. Last year, no complaints = no coverage.