No word yet on the MLS in Seattle (not here, here, here, here or even here).

The wait is giving other sports bloggers in Seattle the chance to chime in:

So why hasn’t soccer proliferated? I would argue that it’s a matter of institutions, or lack thereof. Iraqis actually like the idea of democracy, but the problem is that they lack the strong institutions to back up their support their interest in a representative democracy. Likewise kids that play soccer play it all throughout their adolescence, but without a professional team, teams to identify with, and available media, kids don’t follow up with that interest after they stop playing.

On a personal note though, and just to keep it real — I hate soccer. I don’t trust any sport where the clock goes up, and what the fuck is up with those cards?!? Just have elaborate hand symbols like every other sport.

Good point about the lack of major teams to bring together a community of fans towards a central institution, but whey the last graph? Well, the clock just goes up, get used to it. And, if you can’t figure out the cards, come on now. Do you really need that much help?