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Is it too early? Yes, its too early

Another sleazy Rossi front group is a new web project by the Washington State Democrats. Yes, fine, I get the point that the Forward Washington group was a way for Rossi to get his name out there (campaign) before he actually campaigns.

But, constantly pointing it out makes you look snotty, like your tattling.


  1. Anonymous

    Well thats just bunk Emmette.
    When a candidate seeks an upper hand by breaking the campaign laws, it is a civic duty to get the word out so the cost is greater than the gain.

    Said by Particle Man

  2. Emmett

    Long time, no see Particle man.

    I’m still on the side of the PDC complaint. Good show, and all that. The website just rubs me the wrong way, like it was just a step too far.

    The good side is that only folks who really are looking for it will see it.

  3. Anonymous

    You do not perhaps deserve harsh words. Still my point is this:

    When would be or existing politicians break laws, evade laws and show no regard for limits, looking the other way only encourages more strident behavior since letting them get away with their actions only rewards them. Rossi’s time as a public servant and candidate is a case in point.

    So, if you had said “Darn you Rossi. Why can’t you just color between the lines so we can focus of the 07 races and not on your questionable actions” then I would have agreed.

    But when someone seeks an upper hand by funding a state wide campaign with cash from only a few who have given FAR FAR more than the law allows then a PDC complaint is in order but is not enough.
    The PDC will take its time, do a thorough investigation and make a ruling based upon their access to documents, what Dino testifies to and the PDC laws in place. Fine, he will be guilty or not guilty based upon that process, but he cannot be found innocent of intent to evade the laws of the state he wants to lead.
    So, it is my view that this kind of behavior must provide as little gain as possible. This is where you and I and others come in Emmett. We need to get the word out. The party needs to get the word out. A web site with an over the top name gets more readership and the site was full of real sound files and real news stories.

    Said by Particle Man

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