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Will Thursday be MLS Seattle Day?

Paul Allen is in the mix.

There are jersey designs even. The above one is my favorite, but I could live with any of them. Even the orange one strangely enough.

And, of course, the leak.

If my emotions are any guide, I’ll be with at opening day 2009 with the family in Qwest Field watching the Sounders take the field. Speaking of “Sounders,” a naming contest is a bad bad idea. Even my militantly anti-soccer sports fans friends agree, if you’re to bring a soccer team to Seattle, you have to call them the Sounders.

One thing I’m seriously considering if MLS happens this week. One, get really serious about Puget’s Crew, the South Sound entry for a regional supporters club. The other is to join the Sounders blogosphere by starting a new blog.

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  1. GS-1

    There can never be too many Seattle soccer blogs! Go for it! 🙂

    PS: naming contest only bad if “Sounders” isn’t on the ballot. If it is, it’s a chance for fans to stand up for the name.

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