I don’t make referring to letters to the editor in the Olympian a common practice, but this current municipal election is so not exciting to me (oh, where are you Ira when I need you?), so the Hearn/Olsen match up in Lacey is all I have.

And, the letters coming in supporting Hearn are just priceless. Here’s the first one, but this one actually points out that based on a year living in Lacey, Hearn is your man for the job:

I have been a Lacey resident for only a little more than a year, and I have come to love it for its distinct differences from other places that I have lived…

I have become acquainted with Hearn through chamber activities. His unwavering volunteerism to his community is to be commended. I want a council member who is willing to listen to the citizens of the city of Lacey and not special interest groups. As a councilman, Hearn will take a balanced approach for growth, transportation and the environment. Hearn deserves Lacey voters’ support.

First of all, the “balanced approach to growth, transportation and environment” sound like “ok, when you write a letter to the editor about me, mention these things.”

Second, have you met Russ Olsen? I’m not saying Jason isn’t a great guy, but if you haven’t met both candidates, how do you make such a strong endorsement especially on such a vague basis?

Third, if you never remember Lacey and Pacific avenues going both ways, don’t bother.