The Olympian must have thought Russ was a really smart guy for someone who went to North Thurston, so they gave him the nod in his race against secret Christian Jason Hearn.

One thing about the endorsement did puzzle me was Hearn’s description of traffic on College St:

…he lives 1.6 miles from the Lacey library and on certain days it can take 17 minutes to get there.

Ok, I looked it up, and Hearn lives in a neighborhood south on College down by Chambers Lake. If he walked to the library it would take him about 30 minutes each way. Well can’t do that.

If he bought a bike, it would take him 12 minutes each way (being charitable). Driving up and down College during heavy traffic takes more time than it would to bike the same distance.

College Street is already built out as much as possible, there is no adding lanes to get more cars in there. If Hearn really wants to lessen the time to get from his house to the library, maybe suggesting alternative modes of travel would be a good idea. True, biking up and down College would suck (because of all the traffic), but the road does have pretty wide sidewalks.