That last post reminded me of folks that really really don’t like Evergreen, like Hans Zeiger:

Legislators in Washington should offer two choices to Evergreen. Choice A: clean up your act and remain a state institution. Choice B: continue to exalt porn, piercing, and perversion—but lose the state funding status. If you ask me, I would prefer to see Evergreen privatized.

Some variation of the Evergreen story is going on at too many college and university campuses around the country. In a number of cases, taxpayers have been covering their tab without any compelling reason to do so for years. It’s time for citizens to demand a major revolution in higher education funding that does away with the use of taxpayer money for moral relativism in its most disgusting forms.

Of course Evergreen’s constant presence on best colleges lists and Zeiger’s alma mater’s lack of presence has more to do with the liberal media than anything else.