Warshal’s Sporting Goods closed.

Almost Live is off the air.

Emmett Watson is dead.

I saw Raban today in the PI. Not just like his horrible piece from crosscut awhile back, but it just reminded me just how much we’re seeing ourselves through his eyes nowadays and it reminded me how much I miss you Fred.

Fred, please come back. Write stuff for us.

Just because Warshal’s closed, doesn’t mean we all shop at REI. I walk past the Outdoor Emporium after every Mariners’ game.

What I’m saying is that REI can still be there, Raban will always be a gifted writer and he’ll write about Washington. But, the guys who are heading out to Forks will stop out the Outdoors Emporium for corkies and yarn on their way out of town and I’ll always want to read you.