Some have the word that the Seattle is getting the next new MLS team for 2009.


The strange note that our USL Sounders (currently playing for the league championship on Saturday) will take off 2008 makes me think their current owner will be involved, so you could say this is a promotion of the Sounders.

Over at Crosscut, Peter Miller reminds of why soccer is good:

There are no intermissions, no TV-commercial breaks. There are refs wagging a finger and players mocking an opponent, there are acts of cunning and of cruelty, there are no free throws nor flags, no coach is even allowed on the pitch. The hope is that the flow can be sustained and kept, that both sides try their most brilliant and improvised sense of possible and near impossible. It is as if motion itself shall unfold the better and reveal the very fact of which club can venture furthest into a complexity that has no rival nor peer, and in the end to score.

I’m going up to the Huskies game this Saturday, so I’m going to miss the Sounders, which is totally bumming me out. I’ll wear my ECS t-shirt under my Husky stuff though.