More chatter on MLS in Seattle leads to speculation that Paul Allen is part of the new ownership group. That’s great, but then this:

In grabbing the franchise, Roth and partners outmaneuvered a group called Atletico Seattle Management, who’d proposed building a new $135 million soccer stadium. For now, the team will continue at the Allen-run Qwest Field.

The Seahawks may be the major tenant of the facility, but Allen in no way “runs” Qwest Field. The Washington State Public Stadium Authority

was created by voters in 1997 when they passed Referendum 48 authorizing public financing for a stadium and exhibition center. The referendum established the PSA as the owner of the stadium, exhibition center and parking garage, and made the PSA responsible for overseeing the siting, design, construction and operation of the $430-million complex.

With construction complete, the chief role of the PSA is to ensure the public’s interests are represented and protected in the facility’s operation. The PSA Board is comprised of seven civic members from across the state appointed by the Governor.