Dave Ammons (the king of Olympia based political reporters) wrote a strange column last week that sort of points to him blogging sometime in the near future. The only concrete thing I got out of the column is that he won’t be writing his weekly “Ammons on Politics” column every week, but rather “when events warrant an analytical touch.”

What got people thinking that he was blogging is the references he made to changes in the media world:

Today, political discourse is becoming more real-time, with instantaneous access to Web sites, blogs, YouTube, and a relentless 24-hour news cycle.

I just don’t get the logic of saying “yeah, technology has changed things, so I’m just going to scale back.” Isn’t recognizing that you can’t just write a weekly column and be relevant (surprising though how relevant his columns were given the medium) the first step to embracing the new media?

There are some political reporters in Ammons’ circle that are blogging and doing a very good job of it. Postman on Politics is pretty much the gold standard of Olympia based political reporter blogs, but Eye on Olympia is older and in some ways cooler. Yeah, and there’s Strange Bedfellows too, I guess.

If Dave is looking for some examples of AP reporters blogging, there are some bad ones and what seem to be a couple of pretty good examples.