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Jason Hearn is a…

Good guy apparently:

Hearn is a good fit for council

Jason Hearn is good for Lacey.

Unlike our neighboring city councils, we in Lacey are blessed with men and women who are making righteous decisions for us every day.

Running for the vacant seat on our city council, Hearn will complement and enhance the family values that our city council already espouses.

Hearn is a good man with a wonderful wife and three young children.

His slogan says it all: “It’s all about Lacey.” He’s got my vote!

Dick Sittler, Lacey

The letter itself doesn’t say anything specific. Lacey is great, Olympia and Tumwater not so great. Hearn would fit in with Lacey, but no specific reason why.

What is specific is the language that Sittler used: blessed… righteous decisions… enhance the family values…

So, Sittler is saying that Hearn is a Christian and that his opponent Russ Olson isn’t. Well, if that’s how they’re choosing city councilmen in Lacey, I don’t know what else to say.

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  1. Ken Camp

    I’m thinking your blog post would be a good letter to the editor.

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