Don’t look too closely at initiative election results in Seattle. The light will blind you.

This is going to sound a lot like the post below, but I don’t feel just like updating an old post. Back in November Dan at the Seattlest wrote “Why Major League Soccer Is Never Coming To Seattle,” which pretty much tries to make the same point that Goldy made back in April.

I-91 was incredibly popular so don’t even try to ask Seattle folks for any more money for sports stadiums. Case closed. Go away. We mean it. Seriously.

Here is my response to Goldy, in which I point out two things:

1) No one fought I-91, so its not a very fair representation of how a contested election, with a less easy to hate enemy, would end up.

2) King County residents voted in high numbers for the Seahawks Stadium, basically pushing the initiative over the line.

And, then my post below. Soccer stadiums are a lot cheaper than multi-purpose basketball stadiums (public contribution ~$40 million compared to $300 million). And, the legislature passed public support legislation for two sports facilities (including a new hockey arena in King County) and no one raised a fuss.

If the MLS doesn’t succeed in King County, it won’t be because the political environment isn’t supportive.