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Thanks Oregon Archie Binns person

Someone with some good information on Archie Binns came by and edited the wikipedia page last week. Which is sort of great, because I’m going to start the Laurels Are Cut Down this week.


  1. Anonymous

    you are correct that it it is “sort of great” that “someone with some good information from oregon” edited the article. But why was not the use Of TIME MAGAZINE’S insipid reviews called into question?


    “someone from washington with good information”

  2. Emmett

    Probably because there is an dearth of Binns related information on the internet. The Time Magazine reviews are pretty much the only written reviews that I’ve ever been able to find free on the web.

    But, if you have anything that is already on the internet or could easily be put on the internet, Please, Please share.

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