Spokompton (a nice new blog) says:

I noticed in a comment I received yesterday that I am being accused of spreading hearsay. I did not spread the rumor that Mary Verner would not file. I merely noted in the aftermath that it had been a rumor. Regardless of that, if I were to choose to post rumors it the prerogative of this blogger to do so.

In a conversation I recently had with Jim Camden regarding content he spoke of old style journalistic practices of verifying sources and ensuring that the information he is writing about is true and accurate. Bloggers however are not professional journalists we write as a hobby, we write what we enjoy and we write what we hear. If I didn’t enjoy what I’m writing I wouldn’t be writing this at all.

I always find it funny when folks try to get blogging to equal shoddy journalism. That can’t be true in most cases, because often times, blogging isn’t trying to be journalism as much as shooting bull over the phone is All Things Considered. Yes, there are some journalists that are also great bloggers. And, yes blogging should be taken seriously (sometimes, not all the time). I would like to be taken seriously, but I realize that I’m not.

Anyway, my point is that people take blogging too seriously at the same time they take it not seriously enough. They take it too seriously as a supposed purveyor of truth, but not seriously enough as a reflection of emotion.

Sunday night meta-rant…. over.