Steilacoom was the first city in Pierce County to deploy wifi in the new push for municipalities up there to get the technology rolling. Good place for it too, plenty of people with computers (not one of the poorest cities up there) and compact.

I was also thinking about how cool it would be for them to launch a hyper local blog for the now wired citizens. They have a monthly newspaper with a plain website, so it wouldn’t take much for them to launch an Olyblog type project. But, seems like the city wifi experiment is already putting some people on the blogs.

Steilacoom Town is a new blog, apparently inspired by the wifi project. Ironically, the first posts seem to be anti wifi. The first post got a heck of a response, which I may wade in to because one commenter is wrong about Vail, CO being the only wifi town. Update: Nope, he was actually pretty clear, it was the first CenturyTel city-wide project.

Yet another update: The first blog, spawned by wifi, inspired a second blog, this one simply titled “Steilacoom.”

At least I hope they keep on blogging, and maybe go to an open publishing format to really let loose the hyperlocal journalism.