While Jeff Weaver implodes in Seattle, Jorge Campillo out duels the prize jewel of the Giants organization. While I heard very little about Jorge during spring training, the blogs are starting to buzz with Campillo in Seattle talk:

I love Campillo; when we last were talking past M’s scouts about him, they didn’t. I dunno if they’ve about-faced on him. I doubt it.

Jorge has 3 starts so far, two against Tim Lincecum, has an ERA of 2+ and good peripherals. More to the point, he has about as good a parachute change as I have ever seen on a RHP, a true Trevor Hoffman-level change, one that keeps muscle-bound roiders off his butt. And he is more than willing to compete with that change-speed arsenal.

When we last checked, Mike Hargrove did not buy into Jorge Campillo, to say the least. Is he tired enough of Jeff Weaver yet, that you could talk to him about Campillo? You tell me :- )

I also like how the News Tribune mentions Campillo in the last graph, though he basically beat the subject of the story.