Goldy says:

Just this past November, no less an authority than the Times editorial board itself put its finger on the pulse of the region’s voters, and declared a new Sonics arena dead. No, Seattleites aren’t the only fish in the Sound, but nothing passes countywide with three-quarters of Seattle voters going against it.

But more than just being unrealistic, it is downright insulting for the Seattle Bothell Times and its Mercer Island based editors to now ask for a countywide vote to approve a tax on Seattle voters to pay for an arena that we have already so overwhelmingly rejected. Hell… why not make it a statewide vote? That way, the Times gets to hawk sports headlines during those dreary months between football and baseball, while the rest of the state gets the opportunity to once again screw Seattle. Everybody’s happy.

Back ten years ago when Paul Allen asked for $300 million for Qwest Field, King County voted overwhelmingly in favor of it, 275,000 to 213,000. It was the rural counties, like Lincoln (2,200 to 900) and Okanogan (6,500 to 3,000) that voted no.

The difference between last year’s Seattle initiative and this year’s possible King County initiative is that someone will be campaigning for the stadium.