I’m of two minds regarding the first quarter announcements that are bouncing around. I’m glad people are engaging by writing checks to the favorite candidates, but I also understand that check writing is one of the least sorts of civic engagement.

I’m also not one of those folks who bemoan the early start of the primaries. I started way way back (and my guy didn’t do so bad, considering), and the more we think about politics the better. Even if it is one race, its an important one, and we’re less likely to make a stupid decision if we give it more thought.

But, just on the amount of money raised, I have a Blue Tiger Democrat type of question.

Well more than $50 million was raised by Democratic candidates in the first quarter. How much of that will be spent on commercials and tearing down other candidates? A lot I’d bet.

How much will be spent (by local Democratic organizations) to serve individuals in our communities and to build our base? Not a lot, I bet.