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Renton is world class (or is that Seattle)

Being world class can be an argument for anything.

Tearing down the viaduct.

Building a new arena for the Sonics.

In that last one, the question is which city you’re referring to. It could be Seattle (or the greater Seattle area), to which I assume Kevin Calabro was referring to in a radio commercial I heard on the way home today. I wish I had the audio, but the gist was: build the new arena, we’re a world class city, this is what world class cities do.

Of course, I never assumed anyone could be referring to Renton, which is where the new arena would be built. But, the mayor of Renton sure was:

It was not too long ago when Renton was a running laugh line on “Almost Live.” Now our city is featured on the front pages of local and national media including the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune. Renton is serious about business.

A month ago we found out that Renton was selected as the preferred site by the Sonics and Storm ownership for a multi-purpose events center. What a great moment for Renton!

When I asked Clay Bennett, the owner of the Sonics and Storm, Why Renton?

He said that without doubt Renton was his first choice since he was excited at the expanding economy and the bright future that he foresees in Renton.

But irrespective of the outcome this has been a win for Renton. This has shown the world what we knew all along: We are a ‘can-do’, world-class city, willing to roll up our sleeves and look at possibilities.

Oh, Fred Moody, where are you when Renton so dearly needs you?

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  1. Anonymous

    I’m too tired to look it up — is Renton’s slogan still “Ahead of the Curve”?

    How many cities — world-class or not — reference their traffic bottleneck in their promotional slogan?

    *shakes head*

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