The Mariners are trying to sort out their long reliever situation:

That’s a competition among Sean Green, Sean White and Jon Huber and it may not be decided until the final few days before the opener. White has the advantage of being a Rule 5 draft pick who must be offered back to the Atlanta Braves if he doesn’t make the 25-man roster.

If you compare the four of these guys, Campillo comes in second to White in two categories that matter in spring training, innings (10 for White, 8 for Campillo) and ERA (1.80 for White, 6.75 for Campillo). Though Campillo’s ERA has dropped since two disastrous outings where it topped almost 20. So, I understand if they’d keep White on, especially given his Rule 5 status.

Campillo has at least made the argument, including this two innings today with only one hit and one walk in relief, that he deserves a roster spot. Since March 8, where he gave up five runs in an inning, he hasn’t given up more than a single hit in an outing, let alone a run. I’m just surprised he’s gone so long without getting any attention.