The best news of the day, Jorge Campillo, the 28 year old Mexican junkballer that I’ve been rooting for over the past two years, is going to Arizona with the Mariners. He was released last fall and I thought for some reason that was the last of him.

I like the idea of a Chris Bosio from south of the border making it to the Mariners. Maybe I’m projecting though.

The Mariners first signed him two years ago. He progressed through the farm system quickly, getting his first start in 2005, and after one inning leaving with a serious injury. After Tommy John this last year he starting pitching in the minors over the summer, and made it back to Seattle in the fall, finishing with some mediocre innings in relief.

Though the rotation looks pretty stacked (not necessarily with talent, just arms), I’m hoping he gets a chance.

Here is a hiralously translated piece from Mexico on his first year in the majors:

Campillo was the one of the sensations of the Mexican equipment last Series of the Caribbean, which was worth to him to be recruited by Sailors of Seattle. After going and coming to branches, had its great opportunity Tuesday 2 of August before Tigers of Detroit, but as soon as it completed an entrance.

And a piece from reminding me why I liked him to begin with.