Right back atcha.

1. I’ve sustained five concussions. You may know this about me actually, since I usually mention it during the “my worst injury” discussions. But, why not start a “five” list with something that has happened to me five times?

2. I once wrote a book. Not a nanowrimo book, but a honest to goodness, from beginning to end book. I only know a handful of people who have actually read it, and no copies exist anymore. I was much younger then, its painful to even thing about it. I still love the title though.

3. Pat Lennon once handed me a baseball bat. That is something else I don’t have anymore. Of course, it was cracked at the handle.

4. On my first try fly fishing, I caught a sea run cutthroat trout. I haven’t caught anything fly fishing since.

5. My first position on any newspaper’s masthead was as the sports editor for the DSU Hornet. Note to college newspapers: Do Not name your paper after your school’s mascot. It is simply confusing.