I’ve recently become a front pager at Washblog, so my other front paging duties at the other local political blog I was attached to, Better Donkey, is pretty much over.

In looking back at that site, which is pretty much empty of recent of posts from anyone anyway, I noticed some action at my MySpace for Civics Education idea. That post comes up when folks search “Ban MySpace,” so it has been getting some comments about people engaged in the “Oh, MySpace is causing the demise of civilization… Oh, No its not” debate.

One feels MySpace, above other social networking sites like Friendster, Facebook, or Facebox.

I am with you on Banning My space. I have a 17 year old daughter whom has been on that site for over two years. Everytime she gets on it she gets moody and crabby. People leave horrible messages, when she puts comments on it she gets attacked for her own opinion. Also I believe you are asking for trouble when you belong to that site. Ever watch Dateline???

Crabby teenagers, huh??? Attacked for your opinion online??? Anyway, this comment sort of relates to my original idea, that a MySpace like application could work to teach not only civics, but the practice of civics. If you can’t take people disagreeing with you, then, probably your best bet is to stay out of the conversation.

But, then again, people should be nice, over all.

One teenager and another unnamed commenter seem to get it:

And just because kids talk on the compuer doesn’t mean they talk in person as well. Myspace and the internet just opens up a person and allows them to be more comfortable with their friends. Being in person might make a kid feel awkward, ever think about that?
So basically if you’re going to ban myspace… opt to ban the internet itself as a whole as well because they’re wuite similar… if you’ve ever visited myspace you’d see it’s a smaller version simply better for comunication.

Pointing out the irony of arguing against MySpace on a website:

ok fair enough myspace isn’t the greatest but it’s very hypocritical if you put point on this site, because you are using the web to sate your point just like people on myspace. Myspace is a great way to show yourself to anyone in the world plus many bands that are now headliners at masiive gigs like artic monkeys used myspace to get where they are! so give it a break

See you later BetterDonkey!