Norm does his part and so does Jay.

Now, even though Jay Inslee doesn’t meet the criteria laid out by Chris Bowers in the “Use it or Lose It” campaign (opponents with less than $10k spent), he gets credit for sending his money where it will do the most good.

Is it worth it to nudge Brian Baird too?

Brian’s opponent has about twice that which Jay’s does ($100k compared to $50k) and Brian has just under what Jay does. I know it isn’t very likely that Brian will lose with an almost 7 to 1 cash advantage, but how much can he really afford to send out?

Might still be worth a visit or a call though: 10411 NE Fourth Plain Blvd, Vancouver and (360) 696-1993.

* * *

What is so funny about this is that a couple of days ago I heard an ad for Norm on KGY. This is funny because Norm doesn’t even have an opponent who is raising any money. At all. Doug Cloud will be on the ballot, but it isn’t like he’s promoting himself all that much.

That said, KGY would be a pretty cheap ad buy. Most radio out here would be a pretty cheap ad buy.