Getting kind of sensitive over the one big rich guy, Howie Rich, is funding their campaign, Yes on 933 bites back.

Yes on 933 sent out an email yesterday that keeps in the front of your mind just how outside the truth box they need to go to make a point. The headline starts with this:

Enron, World’s Richest Developer Funding ““No on I-933” Campaign

Then a little further down, it gets a bit clearer what they’re talking about:


Oh, so it wasn’t actually Enron itself, but rather one of attorneys. Probably one of their attorneys who was all down and dirty. And stuff.


…the opposition is controlled by California billionaire John Morgridge, Chairman of Cisco Systems, and Texas attorney Carol Dinkins, whose law firm represented Enron. The two are Chair and Vice Chair of The Nature Conservancy, respectively.

By the way, the bold type is theirs, not mine. Whose law firm represented Enron? Pretty far from “Enron funding No on 933” isn’t it?

Not that it turns out that Ms. Dinkins is a saint by any stretch of the imagination, but she isn’t Enron.

And, as far as the “world’s richest” developer, its Paul Allen. Yeah, Paul Allen.

Their point is that since Allen wants to build high density housing, he doesn’t like all that sprawl. Which is sort of the point.