You have to try pretty hard to get onto the CNet’s list of bad political websites this year (hat tip Kari), and Jay Inslee did it. The website itself not so bad as the rest on the list (most of which seem to be amateur attempts), by Rep. Inslee’s makes it because of the irony attached:

In keeping with the spirit of his tech-centric district–which includes Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond–he offers an official campaign blog. It’s outfitted with an internal search engine, options for e-mailing entries, and links for subscribing through 11 different readers. There’s just one hitch. Less than two weeks before Election Day, this blog includes absolutely zero entries. This is from the same politico whose campaign biography claims an “unparalleled commitment” to technological innovation. Right.

Unfortunately for CNet, Inslee’s district is just short of including the Microsoft main campus (according to Google Earth’s new congressional district overlay). But the point is made. Don’t put up a blog (or any feature of page) unless you’re going to use it.