Radio Open Source is putting together a wiki on which to base their coverage of the 2006 elections. They’ve already done a couple of shows so far, one on “Meaning of CT” and on the 2006 elections overall.

Open Source airs on KUOW at 9p, and live on the internet at 4p.

I’ve tried to flesh out the page on Maria vs. Mike, but there are some mostly blank pages on WA 4 (Hastings v. Wright), WA 5 (McMorris v. Goldmark) and WA 8 (Reichart vs. Burner).

If you’ve never listened, Radio Open Source is a unique production in that it regularly brings on bloggers to talk about what they blog about and their show discussions are influenced by the comment threads on their own blog.

Plus, they are the first show I know of to ever say “Emmett O’Connell from Washington comments…” (during the show on Gerrymandering).