All three of the Democratic state legistors in Tim Eyman’s district (the fightin’ 21st) are not facing anyone come September 19th or in November. Not even token Republican opposition. Even here in the flumoxin’ 22nd, one of the safest D districts in the state both of our state representatives are facing token Republicans.

What is even worse is that Eyman was asked to run:

Sen. Eyman? Hewitt says he pressured Tim Eyman, the state’s foremost initiative sponsor, to challenge Democrat Shin. He says Eyman declined, choosing to stay an outside activist.

Eyman tries to point out through his initiatives how out of touch state legislators are from the people. That his efforts are a blow to this disconnection between electeds and the electors. That may be true (I happen to be a fan of the intiative process, but not Eyman or his ideas), but the worst thing about his point is that he is doing nothing to solve the problem.

Rather, he is taking advantage of this disconnection. He could run for office and be an example of the right kind of elected official. The initiative process is our last fail safe for when the legislative process doesn’t work. But, Eyman isn’t willing to give the legislative process a chance before going to the backup.